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About Savitar

Savitar is a software application designed to connect people using Macintosh computers to MUD / MUSH / MOO / MUVE servers. Savitar works as a "client" application which basically means it hooks your computer to one or more of these servers and allows you to interact with the people you find there.

About The Name

The name "Savitar" is borrowed from the Vedic god Savitar, from Hindu mythology. It is said that Savitar, the god, is another personification of the sun. His name means the "Inspirer," and is derived from the root sa -- to drive or stimulate. As the sun-god he is spoken of as the golden-eyed, golden-tongued, and golden-handed.

It is also written of Savitar: "Whatever moves or acts is dependent on this deity with golden eyes, golden hands, and golden tongues."

Thus, we have the name "Savitar" -- an inspired telnet application that handles motion and action within the Internet's many online MUVE worlds.

Where To Find MUVEs

When you download and launch Savitar for the first time, you will be presented with a dialog called the "World Picker" which will list some favorite MUVE worlds of Savitar's early users. Select one and press the "Connect" button and you'll be off exploring your first world in no time.

Visit the Savitar FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for information about where you can learn about more online MUVE worlds.