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Savitar FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

(Last updated 14-August-2005)

Who wrote Savitar, and why?

Jay Koutavas (that's me) wrote Savitar as a fun evening project for playing around with features in the Macintosh that I normally don't get the chance to do at my day job (writing code for customers of Heynow Software.) Also, I enjoy very much the idea of giving something back to the Mac online community, which I've been a member of since the earliest Mac days.

What's with the name "Savitar?"

It's a cool sounding name :)

Savitar is a Vedic god from Hindu mythology. His name means the "Inspirer", and is derived from the root sa -- to drive or stimulate.

I like the imagery that it brings to mind. There's a little more info about the name in the online manual.

How do I learn about new worlds?

There are a number of sources, such as MUD Connector, or Rachel's MOO List. There you will find a vast catalog of online worlds.

There are also some favorite worlds of Savitar users that come right with Savitar itself. A description of those worlds can be found right here.

What's the best way to connect to a regularly visited world?

Once you have found a world you want to visit often, or any time you wish to save a custom text font or color, use the Save As... menu option in Savitar's file menu and save the world out as a document. The next time you want to connect, just double-click on the document and you'll be automatically connected.

When will Savitar have feature X?

Development continues for Savitar. Expect more good features as time rolls along. If there is a particular feature you want to see added, say something! There is an online Savitar Conference where you can make your thoughts know, plus you can always email Jay.

If I update from an older version of Savitar to the latest v1.x Savitar, will I have to re-register?

Nope. Any registration you've made for version 1 of Savitar will be good for all 1.x versions. Thank you for your continued interest in Savitar, we're in our second decade of development!