Welcome to Savitar version 1.3

Legal Stuff:

This software, manual, and all accompanying files are © Copyright 1996-2005 by Heynow Software, LLC. This manual and software may be distributed to any computer freely as long as they are not modified or repackaged in any shape or form. All other rights reserved.

Savitar™ is a trademark name of Heynow Software


Welcome to the Savitar™ version 1.3 client!

Savitar™ 1.3 runs on PowerMacs running Mac OS 8.6 and Mac OS 9.x, and Mac OS X 10.x.

Mac OS 8.6 and Mac OS 9.x users on PowerMacs will need to ensure that they have installed CarbonLib 1.6 or later. You can download CarbonLib 1.6 from Apple's website. The link to their website is a mouth full, so there's a link to it on Savitar's download page at http://www.heynow.com/Savitar/download/.

Mac OS 8.6 and Mac OS 9.x users on 68k Macs should download and use Savitar 1.1.4, which is available at http://www.heynow.com/Savitar/download/.

If this is your first download of Savitar:

Go to Savitar's website at http://www.heynow.com/Savitar/ and learn more about the application. There, you'll find an online help manual and a user conference area.

For Existing Savitar Users:

Upgrade to Savitar 1.3 for registered users from prior versions of Savitar is absolutely free of charge. Thank you for your continued interest in Savitar!

Savitar settings and world documents modified and created with Savitar 1.1.4 and 1.2.4 are backwards compatible with 1.3, so you should be able to move forward to 1.3 without incident. Savitar 1.3 does not read Savitar 1.0 preferences. If you are running 1.0, you'll first want to run 1.1.4 or 1.2.4 to convert your 1.0 preferences into a format 1.3 can read.

Version 1.3.x History

What's new in 1.3.12:

- Added recovery code for missing ANSI color preferences

- Fixes for ANSI color brightness/dim rendering

- Fixes for ANSI background color rendering

What's new in 1.3.11:

- Fixed various bugs in macro hotkey support

What's new in 1.3.10:

- Fixed infrequent crasher in window menu

- HTML links are always parsed now, regardless if HTML tag parsing is enabled

What's new in 1.3.9:

- Savitar now supports parsing of uppercase HTML tags.

- Fixed crasher in closing an unbalanced < /FONT > tag

- Fixed broken ##enable/disable trigger local command.

What's new in 1.3.8:

- Fixed crasher in displaying the "Reserved Macro Key" alert dialog.

- Fixed crasher when command-clicking the blank area at bottom of the Macro Clicker

- HTML URL link detection is now turned off when HTML processing is turned off. This
gives you a modest performance gain.

What's new in 1.3.7:

- Added new "use this color for ANSI intense" option to the World Settings Dialog Appearance Tab

- Fixed broken radio button selection bug in the Closing tab of the World Settings Dialog

What's new in 1.3.6:

- Removed support for immediately sending a space character when it's the first character typed
This feature was originally implemented for "press a space to continue" prompts. It has, however, caused some confusion for some users and has been removed for that reason. If someone still needs this support, please contact me and I'll re-add it to Savitar as an settable option.

What's new in 1.3.5:

- Fixed crasher when trying to send keepalive to a disconnected world

What's new in 1.3.4:

- Added "keepalive" support -- see the updated "Settings" section of the manual for details

- Bug fix: autoreconnect now works when world window isn't in the foreground

- Recompiled for CodeWarrior 9.2 (was 8.3)

What's new in 1.3.3:

- Fixed problem with refreshing status panes

- Now allowing trigger replies to be really really long

What's new in 1.3.2:

- Fixed problem with reading a short world address from a world document which would result in the world address resetting back to its default, telnet://newworld@somewhere.org:7777

- Fixed upload dialog

What's new in 1.3 since 1.2.4 was released

New Features:

- Added MCP SimpleEdit support

- Added option to use regular expressions in trigger matching

- Spruced-up the UI for various settings dialogs considerably.

- Added support for ANSI dim colors (was only doing bright)

- Added support for these HTML tags: < h1 >, < h2 >, < h3 >, < h4 >, < h5 >, < h6 >, < tt >, < pre >, and < code >

- Added support for < a xch_cmd= > tag, including adding a "send sch_cmd immedately"
checkbox to the World Settings Output tab.

- URLs are now single-clickable (no more command-double-click)

- Internalized URLs (no longer are triggers)

- Made periodic flush time a settable parameter in the world setting's output tab. This
allows users to tweak when savtiar decides a line is complete (useful on laggy systems).
Default value is .5 seconds.

- Added Command-shift-S suport to the "Save As..." menu item

- Updated text engine from WASTE 2.1a8 to WASTE 2.1b1

Bug Fixes:

- Command echoing now displayed with black text on yellow background

- Corrected support for unwinding nested HTML font-size and color changes.

- Fixed long outstanding bug (since 1.1.4?) where "both" trigger type wasn't sticking

- Got the following Text menu items working again (broke since v1.2.1)
bold, italic, underline, plain, bigger, smaller

- Removed the "Internet Preferences" button from Savitar preferences dialog when on OS X.

- "Open Recent" menu item now disabled when app is expired.

- Fixed bug where ANSI sequences with intense or dim and no color attribs would cause no effect.

- Fixed bug where certain cases of inversed ANSI wouldn't display correctly

- Fixed crashing bug in ##upload local command.

Reporting Bugs

Please email me, Jay Koutavas, mailto:jay@heynow.com with bug reports. Please also check Savitar's manual and the conference board for answers to your questions.



[end of v1.3 Release Notes file]