Welcome to Savitar version 1.1.4

Legal Stuff:

This software, manual, and all accompanying files are © Copyright 1997-2004 by Heynow Software, LLC. This manual and software may be distributed to any computer freely as long as they are not modified or repackaged in any shape or form. All other rights reserved.

Savitar™ is a trademark name of Heynow Software


Welcome to the Savitar™ version 1.1.4 client!

Savitar™ 1.1.4 runs on 68K Macintoshes running Mac OS 8.6 and Mac OS 9.x. If you are on a PPC-based Macintosh, please use Savitar 1.3.x.

If this is your first download of Savitar:

Go to Savitar's website at http://www.heynow.com/Savitar/ and learn more about the application. There, you'll find an online help manual and a user conference area.

Revision History:

v1.1.4 -- May 10th, 2000

+ Fixed error handling for unreachable worlds.

v1.1.3 -- April 26th, 2000

+ Added the WINDOWSIZE parameter to world documents. This ensures that world session windows always accurately retain their last saved screen position.

v1.1.2 -- April 12th, 2000

+ Fixed problem where the world setting :"echo CR only" wasn't being honored.

v1.1.1-- March 23rd, 2000

+ Reduced the size of the application considerably and add some performance.

v1.1-- March 13th, 2000

+ Fixed problem in world settings where selecting "carriage return + linefeed" in the input pane would case the radio buttons to come up blank unset next time the settings were opened.

+ Fixed bug where the 'use defaults' button could cause a crash on ANSI color settings.

+ Fixed bug where Savitar would hang during clear screen and clear to end of line ANSI escape sequences.

+ Fixed crasher when hitting apple-delete whilst inline editing an item's name.

+ Fixed bug where Savitar would report "OTInetClientLib could not be found" error.

v1.1fc2-- Feb. 22nd, 2000

+ Fixed problem where macro key chords containing the option key would not fire.

+ Fixed a tooltip crasher

+ fixed ##select window bug

+ fixed problem with tooltips covering size gadget when window was full screen.

+ fixed problem with world editor not saving pane size settings when editing a template (no connection)

+ fixed problem I introduced with finding relative path names in local commands such as ##open text window

+ fixed problem where tasks weren't being deleted at session close

+ When attempting to change the font/size of a text file window, the menu selections have no effect until the color/background color are changed. At that point, the window contents are updated with the new font/size.

+ Removed the mysterious appeareance of the "(Temp Files)" folder being created in the app's folder.

v1.1fc1-- Jan. 28th, 2000

+ added world setting options for using bold in place of ANSI intense and italic in place of ANSI blink

+ added support for opening locked text files

+ changed syntax of ##[wait=<secs>] to ##wait <secs> [<cmd>...] Old style will work still, but you'll get warned.

+ In the world session window, when disconnected, changed the default button to the 'reconnect' button (it was the 'close' button)

+ fixed bug where tooltip may be drawn offscreen when close to an edge of the monitor.

+ fixed bug where tooltips may dissappear if multiple session windows were open and one was closed.

+ fixed bug where opening and closing the world editor may cause the session window size to shift slightly.

+ fixed problem with toggle icons coming up with weird icon on some iMacs

+ fixed sound file path lookup problem in the ##play local command.

+ fixed problem with scrolling session window up, then down, wouldn't take you to the bottom of the pane.

+ fixed bug where making a trigger by dropping text on the trigger pane would create a trigger with the name "<doc>"<name"</doc>". (It should just have created <name>)

+ fixed annoying white flash whilst entering commands and whilst changing the session window's font, colors, and font size.

+ fixed problem where input pane size was not being restored on window close

+ fixed problem with command input when command marker is blank

+ fixed annoying little background drawing bug in the world settings appearance pane.

+ fixed a bug where font size wasn't been honored when opening 1.0 worlds

+ fixed a bug introduced in 1.1b2 that broke file-less ##open text window.

+ neatened up ##help output a bit more.

+ made it so local commands having errors are not passed on to the server.

v1.1b2-- Jan. 5th, 2000

+ implemented the ##help command

+ added robust local command error reporting

+ fixed bug where the speaker button in the trigger audio settings
pane wasn't working for "speak exactly" (introduced in a15)

+ added ability to toggle word wrapping on text files

+ added "Capture File Binding" setting to application settings. Now you can tell Savitar to make its log files into BBEdit(tm) or MS Word(tm) docs.

+ added ability to enter carriage returns as part of a trigger's name. Example: say you want a trigger for:

so, create a trigger called "\rfoo\r". The "\r"s stand for carriage returns.

+ added current date as part of the default capture file name

+ fixed problem where opening a text document would force artificial word wrap when it should not word wrap

+ fixed problem with scroll bars disapearing when text window loses focus

v1.1b1 -- Dec. 15th, 1999

+ Savitar 1.1 goes to public beta. The manual has been moved from the installer up to Savitar's updated website <http:/www.heynow.com/Savitar>

[end of v1.1 Release Notes file]